Which LDAP servers support the Virtual List View (VLV) control?

If you’re making an LDAP search against a large directory you may potentially get a huge result set that you may rather wish to consume in chunks or “pages”. You may need this if you have a UI where results should be displayed, say, in portions of 10 or 20 at a time; also, if […]

Easy LDAP user authentication over the web

AuthService is a simple web service software offered by Nimbus Directory Services. It can authenticate users against any LDAP directory using a web-friendly HTTP+JSON protocol. Where to use? AuthService can be used in any situation where you have to authenticate user credentials (login) over the web against an LDAP-compatible directory such as Microsoft Active Directory, […]

The NimbusDS line gets a speed boost

The complete Nimbus Directory Services product line received a speed boost in June. The latest versions of Json2Ldap, JsonSSO and AuthService now feature a greatly improved JSON parser which speeds up decoding of incoming requests by impressive 380 per cent! Thanks to Uriel Chemouni from the JSON Smart project for his top work! What is […]

How to use an LDAP directory for central listing and configuration of web services

LDAP – compatible directories such as MS AD and OpenDJ are an excellent tool for bringing order and organising things. Businesses that make extensive use of web services may benefit from having all of them nicely listed and configured in a central location. A directory server can serve this purpose well, and with a gateway […]

OID registry for the Transaction Company

This page keeps track of the various OIDs in use by The Transaction Company. The base OID of The Transaction Company is It was assigned by the IANA in July 2008.* Web service directory schema* TransactionCenter directory schema* Secure Remote Password (SRP-6a) schema* OpenID Connect 1.0, OP and RP schemas

JSON-RPC 2.0 Base flies with the new JSON library

Two years after its initial release the JSON-RPC 2.0 Base library switches to a new package for representing and parsing JSON messages. The result is 2x to 4x times faster performance in JSON-RPC message parsing! Back in 2009 I chose JSON Simple for its simple and relatively non-invasive model for representing and mapping JSON entities […]

Measuring response time with the JSON-RPC Shell

I recently started playing with JSON-RPC apps in the cloud and I wanted to measure their responsiveness, down to the microsecond. So I sat down and added a stopwatch function to the JSON-RPC 2.0 Shell. It is activated by an -s, –stopwatch command line option and measures the time in micro / milliseconds for a […]

LDAP directory in the cloud

Json2Ldap hit the cloud this month. I’ve always wanted to put up an online demo for the JSON web service for LDAP directory access and this is reality now. If you visit the NimbusDS website you’ll see a new Json2Ldap demo page where you can play with three Ajax directory applications: Online employee directory: Presents […]

Detecting CORS support in a browser

I’m using the following JavaScript function to detect whether a browser has support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) XHR. function browserSupportsCors() { if (“withCredentials” in new XMLHttpRequest()) return true; else if (window.XDomainRequest) return true; else return false; } The XDomainRequest object is specific to IE 8 and IE9, other browsers, including IE 10, extend the […]