Secure Remote Password (SRP-6a) compatibility issues

Secure Remote Password (SRP) is a clever protocol for secure username + password based authentication where the client doesn’t reveal the actual password to the server, at any time. The password remains entirely private to the user. What the server stores and deals with during authentication are cryptographically secure one-way values that the client derived […]

JsWorld 2.4.1 with automatic currency rounding

Today saw the release of JsWorld 2.4.1, which remains the most comprehensive JavaScript library for localised formatting and parsing of numeric, monetary and date/time values in web applications. This is a minor update which introduces automatic rounding of formatted currency amounts. Up to now the default behaviour was to leave the fraction part of the […]

Using data URIs with Json2Ldap

Person entries in a LDAP directory may contain photos. These are typically stored in a jpegPhoto attribute, defined in the standard inetOrgPerson schema. In this article I’ll show you how to display such JPEG images in the browser using Json2Ldap and a cool new HTML feature called data URIs. Json2Ldap is a neat LDAP gateway […]