Next JsWorld release scheduled for November 2010

Today I looked up Unicode’s tentative schedule for their next CLDR 1.9 release. It is planned for the 10th of November, which means that I’ll be able to update the JsWorld locale definition files soon thereafter and release in turn a JsWorld update. The next JsWorld version will probably be 2.4. For those if you […]

First look at JsonSSO

Earlier in August I began work on JsonSSO, a web service that provides single sign-on and session management. It naturally complements Json2Ldap, another product of mine which provides web-friendly JSON-RPC access to LDAP v3 compatible directories such as OpenLDAP, MS AD and Novell eDirectory. The recent years we saw a proliferation of single sign-on (SSO) […]

Json2Ldap gets mentioned in Network World

Thanks to Dave Kearns for mentioning Json2Ldap in his last week’s IdM newsletter for Network World. I hope that would help towards making the software more popular. Since its 1.0 release at the end of April 2010 initial sales have been rather disappointing. I suppose this has got to do with Json2Ldap being a truly […]

Give your LDAP server a JSON front-end!

After several months of on-and-off development, this week finally saw the release Json2Ldap, a new product for LDAP directory integration into web applications through a simple JSON + HTTP protocol. The software has good potentials to become a success, I believe. Json2Ldap was conceived last summer during the MyTransactionCenter project. The web application had to […]