Access filters for JSON-RPC 2.0 services

Services on the web often have to be controlled for who and how accesses them. If they deal with sensitive data, such as usernames and passwords, you may want to ensure that all requests come in over encrypted HTTPS. If you’re running a private service, you may want to ensure that only selected internet hosts […]

New public repos

The open source projects led by Dzhuvinov Software can now be followed through their new public Git repos at Bitbucket. For an overview of the Git repos go to CORS Filter CORS Filter is the first universal solution for fitting Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support to Java web applications. CORS is a recent W3C […]

JsWorld 2.7 with improved date/time parsing

With version 2.7 JsWorld received a small upgrade and a few small fixes to date, time and date/time parsing in JavaScript. Case-insensitive parsing of dates Weekday and months names, both in their full and abbreviated versions, are now parsed irrespective of case. This is done while taking care of world locales that don’t have the […]

Browser-side JS numeric, currency and date/time formatting

It’s now four years since JsWorld‘s inception and today the JavaScript l10n library is used in a range of web applications, from international online retail to finance and enterprise SaaS. What are the advantages of applying numeric, currency and date/time formatting on the browser-side? 1. Clean separation of data and presentation. In the spirit of […]

JsWorld 2.5 with updated locale definitions

Just before going into the Christmas holidays we got out a new release of JsWorld, the most comprehensive JavaScript library for localised formatting and parsing of numbers, currency and date/times. What is in the new release? The locale definitions were updated to match the latest CLDR data from Unicode. JsWorld now supports 354 world locales, […]

The God particle – a projected reality?

According to quantum theory observation affects reality. Could the God particle, the Higgs Boson, simply be projected reality? One of the most astounding discoveries of quantum mechanics is that the very act of watching affects the observed reality. This was demonstrated in the minuscule world of waves and particles by a highly controlled experiment where […]

Би Ти Ви или как ни се програмира съзнанието

Гледате ли телевизия и добре ли се чувствате след новините? Илиан, мой приятел от салсата и рейки, редовно ни провокира с разни неща за размисъл, които после генерират едно огромно количество коментари 🙂 Поводът днес беше следния “цигарен” колаж за една от нашите национални телевизии Би Ти Ви и що за информационен канал са те. […]

LDAP schema for Secure Remote Password authentication

Here is a simple LDAP schema for storing Secure Remote Password (SRP-6a) authentication credentials. It defines an object class srp6Account which can be attached to any directory entry to enable SRP-6a authentication for it. The SRP salt and verifier are stored in a text attribute called srp6Verifier. dn: cn=schema objectClass: top objectClass: ldapSubentry objectClass: subschema […]

New prices

This week the [d]zhuvinov [s]oftware website was redesigned and received new prices too! As of today the prices for JsWorld, the JSON-RPC Shell and new Nimbus SRP library are listed in three major currencies: Euros, British pounds and US dollars. With that more people should be able to shop in their own currency. In the […]