For a quiet and cool workplace

I am at my most productive when I can clearly hear my thoughts. And this requires silence and a cool atmosphere. No fans humming, no power supplies buzzing, no discs clicking. Back in my home office in Bulgaria I took drastic measures to achieve that: I drilled a ø 4cm hole in the wall to the adjacent room and moved my PC case there. Then I got 5m USB and DVI extension cables to link the PC back to the monitor, keyboard and mouse on my desk. So all noisy and EMF emitting bits moved away and next door; the only things that remained on my desk were just the peripheral I/O devices.

The change in terms of silence and comfort were amazing! If you’re working many hours on the PC and would love to have an office atmosphere for utmost peace and concentration – this is the thing to do.

Here in London I now decided to reproduce the same arrangement. This time I took extra care in selecting a low power LCD monitor, as my old Philips screen was heating up quite a bit and its power supply was slightly humming. Samsung’s SyncMaster BX2250 is probably the best choice. It’s spec cites 18 Watts of operational power whereas 20″ to 25″ LCDs from other manufacturers typically consume at least twice as much – between 40 and 50 Watts. The plastic parts are also spec’ed as environmentally friendly, so thumbs up to Samsung for their green mindset and efforts.

Good, back to work now 🙂