Media – outsourced and webified

Yesterday I had a chat with Emanuele and Ebba of Videoplugger, the web marketplace for sourcing celebrity and sports videos. They have their office here in London where I saw a bunch of young people working on their PCs, hired, deliberately as I understood, from all over the world. The rationale: if you want to be international you’d better speak the languages and know the cultures.

The future of media? More outsourcing, more amateur content, more web.

Reporting news, for example, is getting increasingly outsourced to agencies like Associated Press and Reuters. For video footage, depending on which topic you’re after, by specialists such as Videoplugger. And the whole process, from submitting materials to sourcing and publishing – all of this is occurring on the web now.

So running a media, printed or otherwise, can be theoretically reduced to making specific and optimally matching content and advertising mixes. For advertising seems to have become the primary mean of income for media today.

Human touch, however, should not be lost. Yes, putting more technology can make tasks and business more efficient, but I was told customers also love it to be able to get in touch and be served in person.