JsWorld roadmap for 2011

JsWorld iconHere is a quick roadmap for 2011 for JsWorld, the Javascript library for currency, numeric and date/time l10n:

The core logic and API are pretty solid and settled now. No planned changes.

The locale database is scheduled for a small update in summer. At present it is based on Unicode’s CLDR 1.9 which supports over 300 locales, 200 countries and 100 currencies. Earlier this year there was a minor 1.9.1 release, but the fixes introduced there have no effect on number, date/time and monetary formatting. According to the tentative schedule published on the Unicode page a new major 2.0 release is planned for the end of May. Once the new locale data arrives I’ll regenerate the JsWorld database and put the new version as 2.4.1 up.

Otherwise I’m pretty busy these days, attending to various events here in London and also bringing the final bits of the NimbusDS.com website together. Nimbus DS is my latest venture to provide developers and integrators with specialised directory service solutions for web and cloud applications. This will become the new home of the Json2Ldap gateway / proxy, as well as of the newer JsonSSO and AuthService products.