JSON-RPC 2.0 Software Updates

Today I released slightly updated versions of my JSON-RPC 2.0 software implementations – the minimalist “Base” Java package as well as the sister console client package.

This web protocol seems to be gradually receiving more attention, but adoption is still relatively slow. My explanation for this lag is that designing and coding your own ad-hoc JSON-based data interchange scheme is quite easy. There are, however, good reasons to consider the more standardised approach:

  • If you have an environment with multiple applications and services using JSON to pass data, adopting a single standard protocol among them can make maintenance, interconnectivity and deployment of new web applications easier.
  • If you provide services to the web or sell web-related software, offering a standard interface can make your product more attractive to clients.
  • Finally, why reinvent the wheel? The JSON-RPC protocol is well tested and relatively settled now, and there’s existing software for it too.

If you need help, the central JSON-RPC forum is at http://groups.google.com/group/json-rpc