Json2Ldap 1.3 – If you can’t document it – leave it out!

Json2Ldap iconAs I was updating the manual for the 1.2 release of Json2Ldap I got stuck on the ldap.presetBind section. Explaining the preset bind feature in a clear and concise way, particularly how to configure it properly due to its various security implications – that turned out to be quite a puzzle. And if I, as the developer of Json2Ldap, supposedly knowing the product inside-out, find it hard to internalise the feature, then how about the poor users?

In the end I decided to spare myself (and my users) this trouble and removed the preset bind command from Json2Ldap.

The corollary:

If you can’t document a feature in a clear and concise way – then it should be better left out!

The simplified, sans ldap.presetBind Json2Ldap gateway/proxy is now available as version 1.3.