Released Connect2id server 1.2 for OpenID Connect SSO and IdP

Today we released version 1.2 of the Connect2id server for single sign-on (SSO) and identity federation based on the new OpenID Connect standard.

What’s in it:

To download a copy:

To test OpenID Connect login with the server online:

What is OpenID Connect?

OpenID Connect is a new web standard for OAuth 2.0 – based sign-on and identity provision. It was inspired by OAuth 2.0’s massive success and adoption (Facebook, Google, etc) in recent years, helped by the protocol’s focus on ease of client app integration, a crucial factor for attracting social and consumer app developers in large numbers.

The OpenID Connect WG was formed couple of years ago by experts in the field who understood OAuth 2.0’s potential, and set out to define a simple identity layer on top of it by coining a JSON-based identity token (JWT) and a UserInfo endpoint where client apps can retrieve consented profile information about the end-user. All this has been designed to mesh nicely with OAuth 2.0’s existing flows and tokens, while satisfying a wide range of applications in the social, consumer, and enterprise domains.

Why choose the Connect2id server?

  • We designed the Connect2id server with integration and customisation web APIs to fit the most demanding business needs. It enables plug in of arbitrary authentication and authorisation mechanisms as well as claims sources.
  • The server is engineered for 100% uptime, distributed operation within and across data-centres, and low operational costs.
  • Written in Java and based on leading open source products such as Infinispan datagrid and the Nimbus JOSE+JWT library.
  • We’re actively participating in the OpenID Connect, OAuth and JOSE work groups and are ready to provide customers with in-depth expertise on the subject matter. Our customers consistently appreciate our professional support and dedication as well as our no-nonsense sales approach.

The plans for our next release are outlined in the Connect2id server roadmap. But until we proceed with it we’re going to have a few days of well deserved rest 🙂