JsWorld 2.7 with improved date/time parsing

JsWorld iconWith version 2.7 JsWorld received a small upgrade and a few small fixes to date, time and date/time parsing in JavaScript.

Case-insensitive parsing of dates

Weekday and months names, both in their full and abbreviated versions, are now parsed irrespective of case. This is done while taking care of world locales that don’t have the notion of case (quite many actually).

So, for example, if you have the en_GB locale and your date format pattern is set to

POSIX_LC.en_GB.d_fmt = "%d/%b/%Y"

then the following input will parse to the same date:

17/Apr/2010 -> 2010-04-17
17/apr/2012 -> 2012-04-17
17/APR/2012 -> 2012-04-17

Do write us when you wish to have such features added to JsWorld. This particular one was requested by a customer who wanted to have more flexible parsing of dates. I’m considering making the date/time parser even more flexible, while staying completely on the safe side.

Fixed bugs in %e, %k, %l parsing

JsWorld 2.7 also fixes a few bugs that may cause incorrect parsing of date/time values against format templates that use the %e (day of the month as a decimal number, space padded), %k (hour in 24-h clock as a decimal number) and the %l (hour in 12-h clock as a decimal number) patterns.

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