New prices

This week the [d]zhuvinov [s]oftware website was redesigned and received new prices too!

As of today the prices for JsWorld, the JSON-RPC Shell and new Nimbus SRP library are listed in three major currencies: Euros, British pounds and US dollars. With that more people should be able to shop in their own currency.

In the next few days we’ll add more docs to the Nimbus SRP library. It came about as a side-product of the most recent Json2Ldap feature – support for Secure Remote Password (SRP-6a) authentication for LDAP directory users. After having reviewed so many implementations of the protocol, and having found nothing that truly suit us, we sat down and coded Nimbus SRP. From scratch and with the lessons from the other works in the field. Today Web SRP 1.1 is probably the most complete and versatile toolkit you can get. Stay tuned!