Released JsWorld 2.8.1 for currency, numeric and date/time formatting in JavaScript

The JsWorld library for JavaScript formatting and parsing of date/times, numeric and currency amounts received a fresh update for 2014. Written entirely in JavaScript, JsWorld takes a novel approach by enabling data localisation to be performed inside the browser, offloading the web server and offering unmatched flexibility for real-time applications. What’s in the new 2.8.1 release […]

JsWorld 2.7 with improved date/time parsing

With version 2.7 JsWorld received a small upgrade and a few small fixes to date, time and date/time parsing in JavaScript. Case-insensitive parsing of dates Weekday and months names, both in their full and abbreviated versions, are now parsed irrespective of case. This is done while taking care of world locales that don’t have the […]

Browser-side JS numeric, currency and date/time formatting

It’s now four years since JsWorld‘s inception and today the JavaScript l10n library is used in a range of web applications, from international online retail to finance and enterprise SaaS. What are the advantages of applying numeric, currency and date/time formatting on the browser-side? 1. Clean separation of data and presentation. In the spirit of […]

JsWorld 2.5 with updated locale definitions

Just before going into the Christmas holidays we got out a new release of JsWorld, the most comprehensive JavaScript library for localised formatting and parsing of numbers, currency and date/times. What is in the new release? The locale definitions were updated to match the latest CLDR data from Unicode. JsWorld now supports 354 world locales, […]

JsWorld 2.4.1 with automatic currency rounding

Today saw the release of JsWorld 2.4.1, which remains the most comprehensive JavaScript library for localised formatting and parsing of numeric, monetary and date/time values in web applications. This is a minor update which introduces automatic rounding of formatted currency amounts. Up to now the default behaviour was to leave the fraction part of the […]

Next JsWorld release scheduled for November 2010

Today I looked up Unicode’s tentative schedule for their next CLDR 1.9 release. It is planned for the 10th of November, which means that I’ll be able to update the JsWorld locale definition files soon thereafter and release in turn a JsWorld update. The next JsWorld version will probably be 2.4. For those if you […]