CORS Filter with improved performance

The new 2.5 release of the CORS Filter for handling cross-domain requests offers improved performance. This benefits Java web servers that handle lots of traffic, particularly situations when a significant proportion of that is invalid or unauthorised CORS requests. The improvement is achieved by using static (cached) exceptions within the filter. Here is an an […]

CORS Filter with automatic reconfiguration

Version 2.4 of the Java CORS Filter for handling cross-domain requests has added support for automatic reconfiguration. You can change your CORS policy at runtime without having to reload your web service or application. Kudos to Alexey Zvolinsky for contributing this cool new feature. Automatic reconfiguration is provided by a special variant of the CORS […]

Major new release of the CORS Filter for Java web apps

Four years after its inception it was time for a new major 2.0 release of the CORS Filter that enables Java web applications to handle cross-domain requests according to the W3C spec for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. What are the highlights of the new 2.0 version? The minimum Servlet API requirement is now raised to version […]

Released Connect2id server 1.2 for OpenID Connect SSO and IdP

Today we released version 1.2 of the Connect2id server for single sign-on (SSO) and identity federation based on the new OpenID Connect standard. What’s in it: To download a copy: To test OpenID Connect login with the server online: What is OpenID Connect? OpenID Connect is a new web standard for OAuth 2.0 – […]

Released JsWorld 2.8.1 for currency, numeric and date/time formatting in JavaScript

The JsWorld library for JavaScript formatting and parsing of date/times, numeric and currency amounts received a fresh update for 2014. Written entirely in JavaScript, JsWorld takes a novel approach by enabling data localisation to be performed inside the browser, offloading the web server and offering unmatched flexibility for real-time applications. What’s in the new 2.8.1 release […]

The OpenID Connect standard is launched

OpenID Connect is an official standard as of today. The specification was approved after voting by the OpenID Foundation and this marks the completion of the long and laboursome process to design and specify a new single sign-on (SSO) protocol for the Internet based on the successful OAuth 2.0 framework. We began development of an OpenID […]

Online demo of our OpenID Connect client and server

Today we put up an online demo of the Connect2ID server along with a generic OpenID Connect client. With that we wish to show the capabilities of the new internet standard for single sign-on (SSO) based on the successful OAuth 2.0 framework. OpenID Connect is designed to sign users onto web as well as native […]

Finding the most efficient Java ObjectOutput method for strings

Coding distributed services and apps often calls for marshalling Java objects into a binary form that can be streamed over the network. Infinispan, for example, requires objects to be serialised so they can be multicast to the nodes of the data grid. The standard Java serialisation implementation packs a lot of object data in order […]