Sending JSON-RPC 2.0 requests with jQuery

Dispatching JSON-RPC 2.0 – style requests with jQuery is easy. Just use the method: var url = “”; var request = {}; request.method = “”; request.params = {}; request.params.CID = “45d0677d-a336-463b-ad99-c82137d03a00”; request.params.baseDN = “ou=people,dc=example,dc=com”; request.params.scope = “ONE”; request.params.filter = “(givenName=John)”; = 1; request.jsonrpc = “2.0”; function displaySearchResult(response) { if (response.result) alert(response.result); else if […]

Performance vs availability

I recent discussion on the LDAP experts group made me reflect on a common issue with server applications where one occasionally has to make a compromise between performance and availability. The particular example was that multi-master LDAP directory installations are significantly slower than single servers. System architects often have a requirement to provide “high availability” […]

Next JsWorld release scheduled for November 2010

Today I looked up Unicode’s tentative schedule for their next CLDR 1.9 release. It is planned for the 10th of November, which means that I’ll be able to update the JsWorld locale definition files soon thereafter and release in turn a JsWorld update. The next JsWorld version will probably be 2.4. For those if you […]

The future of the web is cross-domain, not same-origin

Last month I released CORS Filter, the first universal software solution for fitting Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support to Java web applications. CORS is a recent W3C effort to introduce a standard mechanism for enabling cross-site requests in web browsers and servers. Since the early days of the web (think Netscape 2.0) browsers have enforced, […]

Ajax style LDAP access

Ajax-style directory access is easy with Json2Ldap. What you need: A Json2Ldap installation to take in directory requests in the form of JSON messages and translate them to the binary LDAP protocol (and then back). An LDAP v3 compatible directory server, such as OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, IBM Tivoli Directory Server or Novell eDirectory. A […]

Json2Ldap with improved directory search

Json2Ldap 1.5 is out. The most recent release of the web gateway for connecting to LDAP v4 compatible directories via JSON-RPC delivers several incremental improvements, the most notable being the expanded capabilities of the command. It now gives programmers finer control over the entry attributes which the method returns. The available choices: Return all […]

Retrieving enum parameters from JSON-RPC 2.0 requests

Since version 1.9.2 of the JsonRpc2-Base library its utility classes add support for convenient retrieval of enumerated request parameters. Such occur in situations when an RPC parameter has a fixed set of possible values. A typical example is a person’s sex, which can be either “male” or “female”. So, if you’ve got an enum class […]

24 часовият маратон издание 2010 наближава!

На 11+12 септември Крива спица събира байк терминатори от всички краища на България на 24 часов планински маратон по жестоки пътечки около х. Здравец. Елате, преживяването ще бъде яко и за всички – както за състезатели, така и за зрители!!! Маратонът, тази година в четвъртото си издание, вече се превръща в традиция. Какво да очакваме […]