Measuring response time with the JSON-RPC Shell

I recently started playing with JSON-RPC apps in the cloud and I wanted to measure their responsiveness, down to the microsecond. So I sat down and added a stopwatch function to the JSON-RPC 2.0 Shell. It is activated by an -s, –stopwatch command line option and measures the time in micro / milliseconds for a […]

LDAP directory in the cloud

Json2Ldap hit the cloud this month. I’ve always wanted to put up an online demo for the JSON web service for LDAP directory access and this is reality now. If you visit the NimbusDS website you’ll see a new Json2Ldap demo page where you can play with three Ajax directory applications: Online employee directory: Presents […]

Detecting CORS support in a browser

I’m using the following JavaScript function to detect whether a browser has support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) XHR. function browserSupportsCors() { if (“withCredentials” in new XMLHttpRequest()) return true; else if (window.XDomainRequest) return true; else return false; } The XDomainRequest object is specific to IE 8 and IE9, other browsers, including IE 10, extend the […]

CORS supported by majority of browsers

CORS, W3C’s mechanism for standardised cross-domain XHR has reached a turning point. More than 50% of user browsers* support it now, with another 31% (MS IE 8 + 9) implementing the core functionality. This means that 81% of browsers allow at least basic execution of cross-origin XHR. Very good news, considering my ongoing effort to […]

JSON-RPC 2.0 Base with thread-safe parsing

Just when you think a piece of software has stabilised and there’s nothing more to add or change and something crops up to disturb this 🙂 The other day I received a report by Giancarlo Barresi, who had observed concurrency problems with the JSON-RPC 2.0 Base library under heavy load. It turned out that my […]

Behind the scenes of London’s Crossrail

Visionary projects are most reliably accomplished with a humble mind and in small manageable steps. This is the message from Andy Mitchell‘s talk at the IET last night. He is the programme director of London’s Crossrail, an expensive project to link West and East London with a fast and high-capacity underground rail link. Andy’s appearance […]

The best project collaboration tool

To me a quality face-to-face meeting is the best project collaboration tool. On several occasions I have worked on projects relying on a purely software environment for collaboration and there was no true sense of involvement there. I felt an air of anonymity and detachment among the members, no shared spirit and consciousness (which allow […]

Search filter checking method added to the LDAP web service

The latest 1.8.1 release of the directory web service Json2Ldap adds a new JSON-RPC method for validating search filters. It can be used for example to check user input filter strings before making an actual request. This is a simple utility method that takes just one parameter – the filter string. Note that an […]