Би Ти Ви или как ни се програмира съзнанието

Гледате ли телевизия и добре ли се чувствате след новините? Илиан, мой приятел от салсата и рейки, редовно ни провокира с разни неща за размисъл, които после генерират едно огромно количество коментари 🙂 Поводът днес беше следния “цигарен” колаж за една от нашите национални телевизии Би Ти Ви и що за информационен канал са те. […]

LDAP schema for Secure Remote Password authentication

Here is a simple LDAP schema for storing Secure Remote Password (SRP-6a) authentication credentials. It defines an object class srp6Account which can be attached to any directory entry to enable SRP-6a authentication for it. The SRP salt and verifier are stored in a text attribute called srp6Verifier. dn: cn=schema objectClass: top objectClass: ldapSubentry objectClass: subschema […]

New prices

This week the [d]zhuvinov [s]oftware website was redesigned and received new prices too! As of today the prices for JsWorld, the JSON-RPC Shell and new Nimbus SRP library are listed in three major currencies: Euros, British pounds and US dollars. With that more people should be able to shop in their own currency. In the […]

Secure Remote Password (SRP-6a) compatibility issues

Secure Remote Password (SRP) is a clever protocol for secure username + password based authentication where the client doesn’t reveal the actual password to the server, at any time. The password remains entirely private to the user. What the server stores and deals with during authentication are cryptographically secure one-way values that the client derived […]

JsWorld 2.4.1 with automatic currency rounding

Today saw the release of JsWorld 2.4.1, which remains the most comprehensive JavaScript library for localised formatting and parsing of numeric, monetary and date/time values in web applications. This is a minor update which introduces automatic rounding of formatted currency amounts. Up to now the default behaviour was to leave the fraction part of the […]