Json2Ldap with improved directory search

Json2Ldap 1.5 is out. The most recent release of the web gateway for connecting to LDAP v4 compatible directories via JSON-RPC delivers several incremental improvements, the most notable being the expanded capabilities of the ldap.search command. It now gives programmers finer control over the entry attributes which the method returns. The available choices: Return all […]

LDAP web service software updated

Json2Ldap 1.4, released yesterday, simplifies its JSON-RPC 2.0 API to become an even friendlier web service for working with LDAP compatible back-end directories. The calls to make plain, secure and default LDAP connections are now merged into a single RPC method named ldap.connect. To make a connection to the default LDAP server (specified in the […]

Json2Ldap gets mentioned in Network World

Thanks to Dave Kearns for mentioning Json2Ldap in his last week’s IdM newsletter for Network World. I hope that would help towards making the software more popular. Since its 1.0 release at the end of April 2010 initial sales have been rather disappointing. I suppose this has got to do with Json2Ldap being a truly […]

Which LDAP servers support the “Who am I?” extended operation?

The extended “Who am I?” operation, defined in RFC 4532, allows an LDAP client to retrieve the bind DN associated with the current connection. This ext. op. can be useful in situations where an authenticated (via bind) LDAP connection is shared by several clients: the client that issued the authentication request would certainly know the […]

Json2Ldap 1.3.1 – The LDAP gateway/proxy receives a minor config file bugfix

Json2Ldap received a small bug fix earlier this week, after Ludovic Poitou, of the OpenDS project, reported an XML parse error during deployment onto GlassFish 3.0.1. Judging by the nature of the error messages I suspected the problem was in the Json2Ldap config file. I decided to reproduce the situation myself, and indeed, the J2EE […]

Json2Ldap 1.3 – If you can’t document it – leave it out!

As I was updating the manual for the 1.2 release of Json2Ldap I got stuck on the ldap.presetBind section. Explaining the preset bind feature in a clear and concise way, particularly how to configure it properly due to its various security implications – that turned out to be quite a puzzle. And if I, as […]

Json2Ldap 1.2 with overhauled configuration

Json2Ldap, the novel LDAP gateway/proxy for web + cloud apps, has received an update. With version 1.2 the configuration of the web service was completely overhauled. Considerable amount of thought went into making sure the various config parameters made intuitive sense to users. Their naming and categorisation structure was reworked; new important ones were added […]

Json2Ldap soon with bind DN quotas

Since its first release Json2Ldap has allowed administrators to control LDAP connection count by specifying a certain limit per client IP address. To do this one has to set the json2ldap. clients. connectionQuotaPerIP configuration parameter. Once the connection limit for a particular IP is reached, no further LDAP connections are allowed from this address until […]

Give your LDAP server a JSON front-end!

After several months of on-and-off development, this week finally saw the release Json2Ldap, a new product for LDAP directory integration into web applications through a simple JSON + HTTP protocol. The software has good potentials to become a success, I believe. Json2Ldap was conceived last summer during the MyTransactionCenter project. The web application had to […]