Measuring response time with the JSON-RPC Shell

JsonRpc2 Console ClientI recently started playing with JSON-RPC apps in the cloud and I wanted to measure their responsiveness, down to the microsecond. So I sat down and added a stopwatch function to the JSON-RPC 2.0 Shell. It is activated by an -s, --stopwatch command line option and measures the time in micro / milliseconds for a JSON response to be received from the web server. Perhaps not surprisingly, it turned out that performance of the service under test in the PaaS cloud was an order of magnitude slower than the instance in our intranet. Still, responsiveness is acceptable and I remain optimistic about hosting other NimbusDS apps in the PaaS cloud.

The updated JSON-RPC 2.0 Shell is now released as version 1.7 and I’ll shortly be sending out the notifications to the existing subscribers.

How to use the stopwatch feature:

Launch the shell with the -s, --stopwatch option:

java -jar jsonrpc2-shell -s

Then, for each sent out request a stopwatch is started to measure the time it takes to receive the response from the JSON-RPC server:

JSON-RPC 2.0 > user.get { "userID" : "8912374" }
[Received response in 84 ms]
  "name"   : "Alice Wonderland",
  "email"  : "",
  "mobile" : "0755 123 500 353" 

The complete shell manual are on the Dzhuvinov Software website.