ForgeRock forks OpenDS to create OpenDJ

Last week I learned that ForgeRock, a fresh company formed by people from Sun’s directory + IdM business who decided to leave after Oracle’s takeover (no surprise here, I suppose), has forked Sun’s open source Java directory OpenDS to start a new project under the name OpenDJ. Perhaps not coincidentally, Mr. Ludovic Poitou, until recently the project lead for OpenDS, has also moved to ForgeRock, assuming the role of a product manager for OpenDJ.

Previously, ForgeRock forked Sun’s OpenSSO to create OpenAM.

As a user of OpenDS (my preferred back-end for my in-house Json2Ldap gateway/proxy applications) I’ll be paying close attention at OpenDJ’s further development at ForgeRock. In my opinion, OpenDS is one very good piece of LDAP software and OpenDJ has the potential to become an even greater success.

OpenDJ, by the way (despite the musical connotation, I suppose the “D” stands for directory and the “J” for Java), is not the first major fork of OpenDS. A similar thing has happened before with several other directory guys from Sun who had left to found UnboundID. The US company offers its own directory derived from OpenDS code (as well as the neat UnboundID LDAP Java SDK, which I use in Json2Ldap).

The moral of this story? Open source (and ideas in general) move to better places if they have to.