Json2Ldap gets mentioned in Network World

Json2Ldap iconThanks to Dave Kearns for mentioning Json2Ldap in his last week’s IdM newsletter for Network World. I hope that would help towards making the software more popular.

Since its 1.0 release at the end of April 2010 initial sales have been rather disappointing. I suppose this has got to do with Json2Ldap being a truly novel product, so potential clients wouldn’t even suspect that such a solution existed. Directory services are typically regarded as a “deep” back-end function and few people involved with LDAP and IdM probably imagine that they can be exposed as a web service in a simple and elegant way. I guess it would take some time and campaigning to change this mindset.

So currently I’m looking for a partner to step up the marketing of Json2Ldap so I can go back to my real job, the greater Transaction Company software project. The LDAP web gateway/proxy was, after all, just a side-product of this project, but still, why not take advantage and its uniqueness and usefulness and help it grow into a popular product on its own?