Json2Ldap 1.3.1 – The LDAP gateway/proxy receives a minor config file bugfix

Json2Ldap iconJson2Ldap received a small bug fix earlier this week, after Ludovic Poitou, of the OpenDS project, reported an XML parse error during deployment onto GlassFish 3.0.1. Judging by the nature of the error messages I suspected the problem was in the Json2Ldap config file. I decided to reproduce the situation myself, and indeed, the J2EE server complained about the position of the <description> and <url-pattern> tags within the WEB-INF/web.xml file. Apparently GlassFish is being stricter about the expected XML element ordering, compared to Apache Tomcat, my test server for Json2Ldap, which never showed such parse problems.

I rearranged the tags according to the DTD’s and reran the tests with GlassFish. Json2Ldap installed and ran fine this time. This brings the current stable version to 1.3.1.

In July I’m planning to continue work with an IdM solution based on Json2Ldap. The ability to turn the back-end directory into a friendly web service makes for some very efficient ways to share user data in a SSO situation. This looks like an interesting topic to write about in future.