The OpenID Connect standard is launched

OpenID Connect is an official standard as of today. The specification was approved after voting by the OpenID Foundation and this marks the completion of the long and laboursome process to design and specify a new single sign-on (SSO) protocol for the Internet based on the successful OAuth 2.0 framework.

We began development of an OpenID Connect server for enterprises in early 2012 and want to thank everyone on the Connect, OAuth and JOSE workgroups for contributing to the standard and providing us with guidance on the many questions that we faced as we worked on the SDK and the Connect2id server.

The official announcement can be read on the foundation’s website.

  • ShengChe Hsiao

    Dear Vladimir Dzhuvinov

    First, I have to say thanks to you to implement Nimbus OAuth 2.0 SDK with OpenID Connect extensions library.
    And second , do you or your team have any plan upgrade Nimbus OAuth 2.0 SDK with OpenID Connect extensions to OpenID Connect standard?

  • Few days ago we released a version of the SDK that matches the final OpenID Connect standard from 26 Feb 2014. We have plans to add support for session management once this bit of the specs becomes mature enough to implement.

  • ShengChe Hsiao

    Thank you and I had download the latest library.
    By the way, do you have any sample code for OpenID Connect Provider?